College Academics

Ms. Deng Baiyi

Ph.D. (Fudan University)

Associate Professor

Teaching Areas:

1.       Intermediate Comprehensive Chinese

2.       Advanced Comprehensive Chinese

3.       Intermediate Spoken Chinese

4.       Ancient Chinese Literature,

5.       Chinese Culture


1.       Three-dimensions of Narrative Theory on the Ancient Chinese Novels

2.       Chronicle of Wang Zhongqi(Volumn Three)

3.       Imagine Hainan: Intermediate Chinese Culture Course(key editor)


Ms. Gong Riying

Associate Professor

Research Interests:

Modern Chinese Grammar and Rhetoric; Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language


1.       Modern  Chinese Full word Matching Dictionary

2.       Advertisement Speech Analysis

3.       Application Chinese Course

4.       Discussion Again about the Measure and Method of  Reading aloud in Chinese Teaching for Foreign Students


Ms. Chen Jie

M.A (Liaoning Normal University)

Associate Professor

Research Interests:

Teaching Chinese as a foreign language; Modern Chinese Grammar

Teaching Areas:

1.       Intermediat e Comprehensive Chinese

2.       Upper-intermediate Spoken Chinese—Words and Idioms, modern Chinese

3.       New Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) tutorial class


Mr. Jia Shaodong

Jia Shaodong is Professor of English at College of International Cultural Exchange, Hainan University. He was a visiting researcher at the University of Cambridge (2008-2009), and at Salem State UniversityMassachusetts, USA (2014).


His research interests include cross-cultural communication and comparison of Chinese and Western cultures, translation, second language acquisitionSLAand foreign language teaching. He currently focuses on cross-cultural pragmatics and translation, and SLA in TCFL (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language). His teaching interests are in TCFL and TEFLTeaching English as a Foreign Languageas well as cross-cultural communication. In recent years, he has completed two research projects funded by Hainan provincial government, and published a book and more than ten articles in relation to his research field.


Ms. Yang Junyan

Associate Professor    

M.A (Tianjin Normal University)    
Postgraduate Diploma (Nanyang Technology University)    

Personal Experiences:     

Continuing education in Shanghai International Studies University, Beijing Language and Culture University, and The Chinese University of HongKong      

Research Interests:     

Pragmatics;Teaching Methodology of Foreign Languages    

Teaching Areas:     

Comprehensive Chinese; Chinese Listening    


A Survey Study of the Influence of Chinese Fuju Structure on English Adverbial Clause of Cause


Ms. Mao Jinxia 

M.A. (Shanxi Normal University)


·         Pu Tong Hua (common speech of the Chinese language ) Certificate

·         Teaching Language Subject Certificate in University

·         Qualification Certificate of Teaching Chinese Language as a Foreign Language (Advanced) 

·         Beijing Language and Culture University teaching proficiency certificate of teaching Chinese as a second language

Teaching Areas:

1.       Co mprehensive Lesson

2.       Speaking Lesson of beginners class; Comprehensive Lesson

3.       Reading Lesson of middle--level class

4.       Listening Lesson

5.       Speaking Lesson of high-- level class


Ms. Zhu Huili

M.A (Hainan University)

Research Achievements: 

Preside over a social science project and participate in a national project

Teaching Areas:

Junior Comprehensive Chinese; Chinese Reading


Ms. Zhang Zhao

Ph. D. (Graduate of Chinese Academy of Social Science)


1.       Zhao Zhang, Rushen Shi, Aijun Li, Grammatical Categorization in Mandarin-Chinese Learning Infants, Language Acquisition: A Journal of Developmental Linguistics, Volume 22, Issue 1, pp. 104-115, 2015 

2.       Zhao Zhang, Rushen Shi, Aijun Li, Acquisition of grammatical categories in Chinese-learning infants, the 2014 International Conference on Infant Studies, July 2014Berlin, Germany 

3.       Zhao Zhang, Rushen Shi, Aijun Li, Grammatical Categorization of Nouns and Verbs in Mandarin-Learning Infantsthe 38th Boston University Conference on Language DevelopmentNovember 2013. Boston, America

4.       Zhao Zhang, Rushen Shi, Aijun Li, Categorization of Nouns and Verbs in Chinese-learning InfantsInternational Joint Symposium on the Interfaces of GrammarOctober 2011BeijingChina


Ms. Xu Miao


M.A (Hainan University)

Teaching Areas:

Intermediate Chinese Reading


Ms. Li Meng


M.A (Hainan University)

Teaching Areas:

Elementary Chinese Listening 


Hainan University, No. 58, Renmin Avenue, Haikou, HainanProvince, 570228, P.R. China