Who we are

In September 1996, the Ministry of Education authorized Hainan University to enroll foreign students. In June 2006,  College of  International Cultural Exchange (CICE) was founded. It is a unitary college led by a senior management team headed by the dean. 


The college has four main divisions: 

l  The College Office

l  Office of Teaching Affairs (Center of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language; Hanban Center of HSK)

l  Office for International Students

l  Office for International Students,Admissions & Scholarships Program  


CICE’s mission is to enroll foreign students and provide them with good quality service in teaching. We offer different levels for Chinese language learners: beginners, elementary, intermediate and advanced according to their Chinese proficiency. In addition, we offer HSK tutorial classes and elective courses including Chinese history, Chinese painting and calligraphy, martial arts (shadow boxing), Peking opera and Hainan opera. 


At CICE, 85% of the teaching staff have obtained the Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language (TCFL) Certificate authorized by the Ministry of Education and 90% have obtained Master degree in TCFL or related majors. They are friendly, responsible and experienced in teaching.    


In 2008, HSK Center (Chinese Proficiency Testing) was established at CICE with the approval of the Office of Chinese Language Council, which makes it convenient for foreign students to take the test even within walk distance. This boosts a rapid and sound educational development for international students at Hainan University.  


CICE will make great efforts to develop international education by taking effective measures to improve our teaching and research conditions and to explore a unique way of teaching Chinese as a foreign language so as to attract more international students. We will try every means to improve conditions to meet the needs of foreign students in the light of international educational standards and practices. We are convinced that our high-quality teaching and student service, along with the  picturesque tropical environment will appeal to more international students who are  looking forward to studying at CICE. 

Hainan University, No. 58, Renmin Avenue, Haikou, HainanProvince, 570228, P.R. China