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March 29th, 2018 


Form for Annual Review of Hainan Government Scholarship Status.doc

From Office for International Students


According to the documents from the Hainan Provincial Education Department, the assessment of 2018 Hainan Provincial Government Scholarship at Hainan University will be held from Mar. 30th to Apr. 10th.


The assessment form and student list will be sent to each student’s e-mail box. The assessment form is supposed to be downloaded and printed out on both sides. To relieve the burden of students, only the first page needs filling out (item by item, including signature, handwritten by black-ink pen). Whoever hasn’t received the email please come to the 103 office to claim. 

The assessment form must be handed in before 17:00, April 10th. Any questions or problems, welcome to Office 103 to consult.


If anyone unable to attend due to personal reasons, please make a written statement, otherwise it will be regarded as waiver.


Tel.:  6629 1354


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