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Article One    Passport and Visa

1. Take good care of the passport. International students should carry with them their passports whenever go out. Once lose the passport, report immediately to CICE and Division of Exit and Entry Administration, Haikou Municipal Public Security Department.


2. International students who want to study in China for more than 6 months must hold the visas marked with “X1”. They should, within 30 days of entry, go to Division of Exit and Entry Administration, Haikou Municipal Public Security Department to go through the procedures for obtaining the residence permit. CICE will decide and apply for the time limit of the residence permit of an international student according to the program he attends and the tuition he pays.


3. International students should be aware of the expiration date on their visas. Two weeks before the expiration, apply for an extension at the Office of International Student Management. If the expiration results in his illegal residence or stay in China, the student may be fined up to 5,000 yuan (RMB). If the offenses are serious, he may be ordered to leave the country within a specified time, or be blacklisted because of illegal residence or stay. He himself takes the consequences.

Article Two   Compassionate Leave and Sick Leave


International students should submit written requests for leave when they have urgent things to deal with; submit notes for sick leave when they get ill. Only if the leader of Office of International Student Management approves can the requests go into effect.  If the international student has been absent from school for more than 40 periods, CICE is authorized to report to Division of Exit and Entry Administration, Haikou Municipal Public Security Department to cancel his student visa. The student has to leave the country within a specified time. No refund of tuition fee.

Article Three   Laws and School Regulations


1. Do not fight, drink excessively or gamble. Prostitution, whoring and narcotics are strictly forbidden. Do not lend or distribute pornographic books, pictures, video tapes or other pornographic objects. The student who violates this article will be expelled from school or delivered over to the police. No refund of tuition fee.


2. Whoever having no Chinese motor vehicle driving license are prohibited to drive motor vehicles. Do not drive motor vehicles which are not examined or sanctioned by traffic administration organs. Do not drive motor vehicles after drinking alcoholic liquor. The student who violates this article takes the consequences.


3. International students shall not establish religious organizations, set up religious offices, sites for religious activities in Haikou or run religious institutions within Chinese territory, not may they develop followers, appoint religious personnel or engage in other missionary activities.


Article Four   Other Affairs

1. If any change is to be made, such as residence address, international students shall promptly go through the registration procedures for the change at local police substation, and notify CICE of the new address. Otherwise, they themselves take the consequences.

2. Pay attention to electricity and fire safety.

3. Pay attention to travel safety, esp. traffic, swimming and diving. The university takes no responsibility for any accident.

4. Cash, credentials and valuables should be kept safely. Do not bring much cash with you or leave much cash in the apartment.

5. Be cautious when communicate with strangers to avoid being deceived.

6. Bring with you the emergency telephone numbers.


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